Lhota and De Blasio Pick Up Jewish Endorsements

The Jewish Voice Endorses Lhota:

As former MTA Chairman and deputy mayor under Rudy Guiliani, Joe Lhota, the Republican candidate for mayor of New York is clearly the most qualified person to lead the nation’s most vibrant city. Protecting the citizens of the Big Apple is Lhota’s number one concern and will implement measures to keep crime rates down and neighborhoods safe. Unlike his opponent, Lhota has no political agenda and wants New York City to be a place in where all people, from all backgrounds and all socio-economic levels can enjoy the benefits of a prosperous economy, the finest schools and an affordable tax rate.

The Jewish Press Endorses De Blasio:

Since his decisive victory in the Democratic primary in September, Mr. de Blasio has eased many of the concerns that induced us to back Bill Thompson in that contest. We have long admired Mr. de Blasio for his quick mind, signature open-mindedness and profound sensitivity to the plight of New Yorkers of all backgrounds and stations in life.

We were particularly taken with his understanding of our community’s religious needs and the need for their reasonable accommodation. Indeed, The Jewish Press enthusiastically supported him in his past races for City Council and public advocate. But all the talk of New York as a “tale of two cities” and of “taxing the rich” to pay for ever-increasing spending made us wary. It also obscured some of the important, practical things he was saying about the city having to pay its bills and prudently prepare to face a looming fiscal crisis. On such core social issues as abortion, same-sex marriage and “stop and frisk,” Mr. de Blasio’s positions hardly differ from those of his Republican opponent, Joe Lhota – as Mr. Lhota himself acknowledged in his campaign commercials.

Of course, they are two very different people with differing ideological approaches. Yet the practical problems that come with running a city like New York do not allow for many radically different options. And so, to take one issue as an example, it seems inconceivable that a Mayor de Blasio would be indifferent to any increases in crime, as some have claimed.

Joe Lhota has served the public well as MTA chairman and before that as Rudy Giuliani’s budget director and deputy mayor. But he never really connected with the voters and made his case. Mr. de Blasio, on the other hand, has connected – big time – as evidenced by the lopsided polls in his favor.

He is likely headed for a historic victory on November 5 and will have an unusual mandate to lead the city. Bill de Blasio has the intelligence, compassion and innate good sense to be a great mayor and take our city to new heights. The Jewish Press calls on its readers to vote for him on November 5.

The Zalis (Satmar) Endorse De Blasio:

The United Williamsburg Jewish Communities endorsed Bill de Blasio today. Members of these communities, including Satmar, Pupa, Viznitz, Vein, Tzehillm, Klausenberg as well as others, comprise thousands of voters in Brooklyn. The leadership of the community has thrown their support to Bill de Blasio, citing his longstanding relationship with the community and his plans for expanded education and affordable housing for the City.
YWN was the first to report that the Zalis were set to endorse Mr. de Blasio.
“We’ve known Bill de Blasio since before he was a Councilman and he has been a friend and ally of the Jewish community every step of the way. Whether it was fighting to preserve child care vouchers, expand affordable housing, or protect health care, Bill is someone who fought for what was important and we are thrilled to support him,” said Rabbi David Niederman, leader of the United Williamsburg Jewish Communities.

The Zalis also released an ad full of typos in their weekly newspaper – Der Yid:


The Sephardic Community Funding Pro-De Blasio GOTV effort:

via Politicker: An independent expenditure effort reportedly backed by real estate interests in southern Brooklyn’s Sephardic Jewish community is now running last-minute ads on behalf of Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign.

Small Business Coalition, the independent group that had previously been involved solely in City Council primaries, is running the ads in Hamodia, The Jewish Press, Torah Times and other papers. The ads declare that Mr. de Blasio will “Respect our halachos”–Jewish religious law–though Mr. de Blasio does have some policy differences with aspects of it.


The group will also be financing a field effort in Orthodox neighborhoods, a representative said.

They explained the backing of Mr. de Blasio to Colin Campbell:

“There were many outsiders who assumed the Sephardic business community would move to Lhota,” the source wrote in an email. “But Lhota’s weak campaign squashed those ideas. This is a community who is vehemently pro-business, but they’re also realistic. These business leaders believe at the end of the day, a Mayor de Blasio will govern more pragmatically than his campaign might suggest. And they are more than likely investing in pro-de Blasio IEs to be able to point to the fact that they supported him once he is elected.”

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