Joe Lhota And Bill de Blasio Pledge To Defend Israel In All Terms

While Israel was an issue in the 2012 presidential election as well as in the special election to replace the vacant seat by Anthony Weiner in 2011, the issue never came up in this year’s mayoral election. After all, both Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota are stanch supporters of Israel.

In the final televised debate, Wednesday night, the two candidates for mayor hardly agreed on issues, but when they were asked about their support for Israel, there was no daylight between the candidates’ strong support and pledge to defend the Jewish State.

“There is no closer relationship on earth — literally no closer relationship — than that between New York City and the state of Israel.” Mr. de Blasio declared. “As mayor, It’s my sacred responsibility to speak out and defend the State of Israel.”

“I always have been and always will be a staunch defender of Israel,” Mr. Lhota stated. “Anyone who wants to interfere or threaten Israel, they’re basically threatening me, as well. There’s no better friend to the United States than Israel.”

Mr. Lhota stood out, however, when asked whether he would stop a world leader, who’s an enemy of Israel, from entering City venues. Mr. de Blasio would not commit to stop anybody from entering the City, since New York City is the capital of the UN. Whereas Mr. Lhota brought up Rudy’s expelling of Arafat from a City funded event to pledge not to let any WOrld leader – considered a murderer – to move around the City beyond his hotel and the UN building.

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