Hikind, Sort Of, Endorses Bill de Blasio For Mayor

In an unnoticed manner and uncoordinated with the campaign of the Democratic candidate, Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind endorsed his longtime friend Bill de Blasio for Mayor.

According to a campaign source who was not willing to go on the record, the campaign of Mr. de Blasio rejected Mr. Hikind’s offer to do a joint appearance or issue a joint statement, due to his reputation as a polarizing figure and his diminishing influence within the community.

Nevertheless, Mr. Hikind issued a vague endorsement of the candidate who sought his support during the Democratic primaries, on his weekly radio show on AM 620. “I think everybody knows, it’s not a secret that I am supporting bill de Blasio,” he said. “It doesn’t mean I agree with him on everything he says… eh… eh… I hardly ever agree with any person about everything they stand for. But I believe he will be someone who — he already has a track record of a good working relationship in our community, remember that! — will have an open door.”

Mr. Hikind hinted that his decision was reflected by the high poll numbers for Mr. de Blasio. The Republican candidate (whom he earlier on nicknamed ‘Lhota’) was a lot feistier… You know, a reporter asked me this week about “the race” and I said ‘which race?’ I though he was talking about the race in Israel. Because when you have one candidate ahead by 40 or 50 points, it’s not much of a race.”

“We will see if any of that changes in the next couple of days, as a result of last night (the 2nd TV debate),” he added.

Mr. Hikind supported Bill Thompson for mayor in the Democratic primaries.

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