Now And Forever! Salgado Continue Run For Mayor On School Choice Party Line

During the Democratic primary, Rev. Erick Salgado portrayed himself as the only Latino and pro-Jewish values’ candidate. After getting a mere 3% of the vote on primary day, Mr. Salgado did not let his heart sink, rather continue his pursuit for mayor of New York City on the School Choice Party line.

Stating it as a concern that as the two major party candidates exchange campaign rhetoric, the needs of the residents of New York City’s diverse communities will not be addressed, Erick Salgado, announced, Monday afternoon, that he is continuing his campaign for mayor as the School Choice Party’s designee.

“New York City has evolved away from being a melting pot. It is now a mosaic of many communities, each with its own customs, personalities and issues,” Salgado explained. “The next mayor will have to understand this and be able to address these differences from day one in office.”

“New Yorkers can’t afford the luxury of giving their next mayor a training period. He must know the issues − which can vary greatly from community to community − and immediately work toward solutions. The residents of this great city deserve nothing less,” Salgado said. “My two and a half decades of working in this city’s neighborhoods has provided me with a deep understanding of the concerns that face average New Yorkers every day as they live their lives in this complex city.”

“My running for mayor was never about politics. I entered the race because I believed strongly in a set of principles, included among them is a parent or guardian’s right to choose the best school for their child,” Salgado further explained.

“Providing school choice is a win-win situation. Our children get the type of education we want them to receive and the public school system has fewer students allowing them to provide the remaining population with additional attention. Everyone benefits,” Salgado added.

“Yes, I did run in the primary as a Democrat, but my positions were in serious contrast to those of the other candidates. Accepting the School Choice line was not a political decision, but rather an ideological one. What’s important to me is doing what is best for the people of this great city,” Salgado stated.

In one of the longest press releases I’ve come across, Mr. Salgado says he intends to get the word out about school choice between now and Election Day. “I believe that a majority of New Yorkers want to be able to send their children to the school of their choice. That’s why I am confident that as they become familiar with my message I will gain their support,” Salgado stated.

The only problem with Mr. Salgado’s campaign this time is that he has no message of appeal, one that he should of gotten across to his coalition base during the Democratic primary.

With Adolfo Carrion jr. in the race, Mr. Salgado is not the only Latino candidate for mayor. Nor is he the only pro vouchers’ or pro Metzitzah B’peh candidate, as a choice for Jewish voters, since Joe Lhota has already expressed his support for tax credits for Yeshivah parents. He also pledged to reverse the current consent form rule, if elected.

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