The Jewish Winners and Losers Of The NYC2013 Primary

Read my list of Jewish Winners and Losers of last night’s election, as published on YWN:



The smaller chasidic sect in Williamsburg won a big victory over their long-time rivals, the Zalis, with their crucial endorsement of Bill DeBlasio that may have even taken DeBlasio over the top in his needed 40% to avoid a run-off by providing a bloc of almost 5,000 votes for DeBlasio.

We will have a final breakdown of the Satmar numbers in a separate post.

Agudath Israel of America

All of the senior leaders of Agudah from Sol Werdiger to Ely Kleinman have been long-time supporters of DeBlasio. In the Bloomberg world they were practically shut-out. In a DeBlasio world expect them to have a seat at the table.

Chaim Deutsch

Even Chaim wasn’t convinced it could happen but he ran the race of his life and edged out a big victory over Ari Kagan. With the frum community now united behind him expect the Shomrim founder to give a fight in November as well.

David Greenfield

It’s indisputable. If you want to win the Jewish vote you need David Greenfield’s support. Sure Joe Hynes lost Brooklyn last night but he won Boro Park & Flatbush by an amazing 75% to 25% proving that Greenfield is the ultimate Jewish powerbroker. Also, with so many of his friends winning Council seats last night expect Greenfield’s influence in the Council to rise.

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council

Chanina Sperlin, Zaki Tamir & Eli Cohen took a risk in backing Laurie Cumbo for City Council and it paid off big time. Their estimated bloc vote of 1500 or so likely provided Laurie with the victory. Sure their Mayoral candidate, Bill Thompson is on the ropes, but he won their neighborhood overwhelmingly.

Scott Stringer

Did he give a well-earned fight. The credit goes to Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group, who was an early backer of Scott Stringer and was visibly identified with the Manhattan Boro President for years. Ezra escorted Mr. Stringer at Jewish events an introduced him to Jewish power brokers for years.


Rockland County Jewish Community

If there was one thing that united the Rockland frum community it was the David Fried must not win. As an ally of the anti-frum Preserve Ramapo Fried became public enemy number one. Unfortunately for them he won in a landslide.

Dov Hikind

Call it the Hikind curse. Every candidate that Hikind backs goes on to lose the Jewish vote. Hikind’s choices – Ken Thompson & Bill Thompson both got crushed in Hikind’s 48th Assembly District. Expect DeBlasio to remember the betrayal. Adding insult to injury? Despite his son’s open campaign against him, Greenfield won over his opponent by a larger margin (91% / 9%) thank Hikind did over his (84% / 16%).


The days of influence of Williamburg’s largest chasidic sect have officially come to an end. The chief Zali ally, Assemblyman Vito Lopez, lost big last night. Even more worrisome, their choice for Mayor, Bill Thompson, appears to have been knocked out of the Mayor’s race leaving them with little influence in City Hall.

Ezra Friedlander

While we adore all-around askan Ezra Friedlander, he just made the wrong bid in his choice for mayor. From penning an Op-Ed in support of Ms. Quinn to serving as her senior Jewish adviser, Friedlander is most associated with the Quinn loss. Ezra should of known better the sick bed he was entering, knowing the nature of the Orthodox Jewish community. Nonetheless, Stringer’s win is something Ezra can be proud of.

Anthony Weiner

Yes, he deserved a category all to himself. This is a man who by all accounts should have been the next Mayor of the City of New York. However, his arrogance and hatred of his fellow man did him in. In an embarrassing defeat guaranteeing that he will never run for office again, Weiner came in last among the top-tier candidates with less than 5% of the vote.
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