Lhota Hits Back: Catsimatidis Should be Ashamed For ‘Disingenuous’ Mailer

The following is a statement by Joe Lhota’s campaign spokeswoman, Jessica Proud, responding to John Catsimatidis’s most recent mailer accusing Mr. Lhota of embarrassing and bullying a Jewish Holocaust survivor:

“Its really unfortunate that Mr. Catsimatidis has chosen to inject the Holocaust in his outlandish attacks,” said Ms. Proud. “This is coming from the same guy that shockingly equated high taxes with Nazi Germany. He should be ashamed of himself for this disingenuous mailer.”

A campaign source also pointed out that the photo in the mailer is not of Chuck Moerdler.



The real Chuck Meordler, per the NY Times

“How could Mr. Catsimatidis use a stock photo of a random person in a mailer when referring to a guy he, reportedly, embarrassed? That’s completely disingenuous,” the source told NYC Elects.

As a matter of fact, Chuck and Joe are friends and he is supporting Mr. Lhota in the primary, Jessica Proud told NYC Elects.

We reached out for a comment from the Catsimatidis campaign and are awaiting a response.

UPDATE: The photo on the mailer was not intended to be of Meordler. The campaign just picked a random stock photo of a senior citizen, Catsimatidis’ campaign spokesman Rob Ryan told NYC Elects. “The facts in this mailer are all correct and all sourced,” he said.

Rob Ryan added, “The Lhota campaign has a real problem with the truth and the only ‘outlandish attacks’ are coming from Lhota’s paid mouthpieces. In an article dated July 21, 2013 The New York Times reports ‘Mr. Lhota apologized for his remarks, if not to Mr. [Charles] Moerdler, [the 77-year-old MTA board member and Holocaust survivor he twice taunted to ‘be a man,’] attributing the flare-up to his own ‘Bronx upbringing.’ If the Lhota campaign has a problem with this quote perhaps they should complain to New York Times. ”

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