Albanese Wants to Redeem New York from Bloomberg Kingdom

Sal Albanese, running for mayor in the Democratic primary, blamed Mayor Bloomberg and his recent budget proposal for the city’s financial shape. “You can’t manage a city like a kingdom or its workforce like serfs,” Albanese told Paula Katinas from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

“Early in his tenure, Mayor Bloomberg made significant progress in putting the city on solid financial footing. But his demonization of city workers proved to be both bad politics and bad public policy. From police to taxi drivers to teachers, he has failed to negotiate fair contracts and tossed a billion dollars in revenue in the trash. He broke his promise to taxpayers and to his successor, who will have to devote precious time to uplifting a demoralized workforce and crafting meaningful long-term fixes to our budget woes,” Albanese said. 
Albanese also took a thinly-veiled shot at his opponent City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and other mayoral candidates without naming them. “The lesson here is clear: New York City taxpayers need leadership that is independent, in-touch with their needs, and a responsible steward of their money. Neither the current Mayor nor the other folks seeking to replace him fit that description. That’s why I’m in this race,” 

Sal Albanese served in the City Council for 16 years, from 1981 to 1997, representing a district that included Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and much of Bensonhurst. 

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