Restless Weiner Waves Comeback Trial for Mayor or Comptroller

A reader in Forest Hills, Queens and an Upper West Side Democrat, both notified Liz Benjamin form Capital Tonight about receiving a polling call yesterday afternoon asking if they would be willing to consider scandal-scarred former Rep. Anthony Weiner for either Mayor of NYC or NYC comptroller this fall.
The Queens resident was asked about a possible matchup between Weiner and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in the race for City Comptroller.

An Upper West Side Democrat said he received a polling call from Mountain West Research. The questions included favorable/unfavorable feelings for Weiner as well as for the five Democrats already running or assumed to be running for mayor – NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, NYC Comptroller John Liu and former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson.
Also, the pollster read a series of negative statements on each candidate, and then asked the “horserace” question. According to the UWS Dem, who took notes during the call, the negatives on each were as follows: – Quinn: Rubber stamp for Mayor Bloomberg, voted to extend term limits, involved in a slugh fund scandal, known for “backroom” deals. – de Blasio: Will say anything at any time, flip flops on key issues like term limits. – Liu: Subject of a federal investigation, his campaign treasurer was arrested, he was subpoenaed to testify. – Thompson: The NYC schools failed when he was in charge, ran a lackluster campaign for mayor in 2009, failed to pay his taxes for five years. – Weiner: Was disgraced for sending lewd pictures and then lying about it, is a career politician who some say doesn’t have the temperament to be mayor.
On the positive side, the poll described Weiner as “a fighter” during his time in the House, and also mentioned he’s married to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, Celeste Katz notes in NY Daily News.

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